Rodezijski ridžbek Multi Ch Douala Gana
Rodezijski ridzbek Multi Ch Douala Gana
Rhodesian ridgeback Multi CH Douala Ghana
Rodezijski ridžbek Multi Ch Douala Gana
Rodezijski ridžbek Multi Ch Douala Gana

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Ghana's friends

Rodezijski ridžbek Multi Ch Douala Gana          Tara (mixed-breed, female, September 20, 2003)
Tara is the first dog Ghana went for a walk with. Gana
adores her. Tara likes playing with a ball, Frisbee and
balloons. She loves to swim and enjoys the rain and
the snow. She used to train agility. We took care of
Tara for a month and a half while her owner was in the
U.S. We had a great time with her and were very sad
when it was time for her to go home.

Rodezijski ridžbek Multi Ch Douala Gana               Ami (Dalmatian, male, October 24, 2002)
 Ami and Ghana go for a walk together every day. Ami
loves to chase after a ball. He has a gift for finding lost
dog and kids' toys in the park. He is one of the most
successful agility dogs in Serbia.

Rodezijski ridžbek Multi Ch Douala Gana
       Muca (mixed-breed, female, November 15, 1999)
Ami's roommate. Together with him she keeps Ghana
company during our daily walks. Ghana keeps trying
to get her to play but Muca usually isn't interested.

Rodezijski ridžbek Multi Ch Douala Gana
           Džeki (mixed-breed, male, June 10, 2008)
One of Ghana's favorite playmates. He used to be afraid
of Ghana when they were puppies but she eventually
managed to win him over and get him to play with her.
He falls in love easily and loves chasing after laser lights.

Rodezijski ridžbek Multi Ch Douala Gana
               Niki (Boxer, female, July 15, 2008)
Full of energy and playful. She and Ghana can play
for hours. She loves playing with her ball and jumping
into puddles. Ghana often lifts Niki up and carries her
around on her back when they play.

Rodezijski ridžbek Multi Ch Douala Gana
          Soni (mixed-breed, male, April, 13, 2008)
Ghana's puppyhood friend. He shares his lunch with
Ghana every day. He likes to play fetch and to chase

         Taša (mixed-breed, female, March 15, 2001)
Tara's roommate. She borrowed all her coats and
sweaters to Ghana during her first winter. She loves
to lie in the sun, chase after shadows and birds. She is
a skillful hunter and rats' worst nightmare!

Rhodesian ridgeback Leo
 Leo (Rhodesian ridgeback, male, December 31, 2008)
Ghana's playmate and distant relative. They love to
run and play together. He likes swimming and 
chasing cats. Leo is a real sweetheart!

                  Dedica (mixed-breed, male)
Dedica belongs to security guards at a park we often
go to. As soon as he hears our dogs barking, he 
comes running and joins us for a while. Ghana, Sabah 
and Shumba love him and share their treats with this
sweet and affectionate older boy.


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