Rodezijski ridžbek Multi Ch Douala Gana
Rodezijski ridzbek Multi Ch Douala Gana
Api Irish Setter
Rodezijski ridžbek Multi Ch Douala Gana
Rodezijski ridžbek Multi Ch Douala Gana

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September 6, 1994 - March 14, 2006

When we went to get a dog at Belgrade Dog Show, we didn't even dream
it was going to be an Irish setter. We knew we wanted a dog and that we
would like some hunting breed but we didn't know exactly which one and 
it was not very important to us either. We could choose from litters of
golden retrievers, fox terriers, cocker spaniels and dalmatians, but we 
chose an Irish setter puppy. They were completely irresistible - three males
and two females. We didn't think much - it was simply love at first sight.
Actually, we didn't choose him, he chose us - a sticky tongue across our
faces was all it took. Our friend Jelena suggested on the way home to call
him Api (short for Apolon /Apollo in Serbian/, which was his name in the
pedigree. And so little Api walked into our home and into our lives.
Independent and free-spirited, intelligent and obedient, Api was a dog 
that could anybody's heart. All our relatives, friends and neighbors adored
him. His good looks and mischievous look on his face drew everybody's
attention. Random people in the street often used to ask us if they could
take a picture with Api. He was even photographed with one of TV 
reporters and had his picture printed in the newspaper.
There was never a dull moment with Api. He was always playful and ready
for a mischief and he made the moments we spent with him an indelible
part of our memories. Who could possibly forget him jumping out of a
car window or trying to chase after a bear, which we fortunately prevented
just in time, a thrilled look on his face while he was running with a dead
pigeon hanging out of his mouth while other dogs were unsuccessfully
trying to catch up with him... Still, he did everything with lots of charm and
style and there was not a single soul who could possibly resist him. It was
impossible to get angry at him.

The list of Api's favorite things:
1. Walks, walks and only walks - in all kind of weather and off leash, of 
2. Doggy friends - Uli the dalmatian, Baki the Gordon setter, as well as Taša,
Tara, Luna Megi and Muca - everything would have been so much less fun
without them
3. Toys - but only indoors, there were so many much more interesting
things that he just could not miss
4. Newspapers - he enjoyed carrying them home from the newsstand, 
together with groceries from the  supermarket
5. Bed and pillow - a bed is not a bed without a pillow
6. Swimming in the river - preferably on a freezing day and in the worst 
possible weather
7. Easter eggs - Easter was definitely his favorite holiday
8. Special people only - family, our next-door neighbor and his buddies' 

The list of Api's most hated things:
1. German shepherds - definitely his least favorite breed
2. Vet - Api was a proof that everything could be done on a waiting room 
floor next to the door
3. All sorts of food - especially those meant for dogs
4. Some neighborhood dogs - he was friendly to the rest of them

Even when he got older Api didn't change a bit. Only his muzzle turned
grey. It is amazing how Irish setters can keep a youthful spirit and looks.
Even now that he is gone he is still in our thoughts and hearts. Not a day
goes by that we don't mention him. We all miss him very much. We miss
his soft ears, wet nose and warm eyes, mischievous look and his happy 
barking, the excitement he aways used to greet us with, waking us up in
the morning and licking our faces and all those moments we spent 
together that went by so quickly. We are happy that he was a part of our
lives. He showed us how moments with those we love pass quickly and
that we should make the best of them while we can. We hope we made 
him as happy as he made us.

Api's motto (advice to other dogs):
Api If they put you on a leash, pull as hard as you can until they finally 
realize that you want to be free
Api Try (nicely) to take the entire bed - it's not exactly comfortable to be
jostled by your owner all the time
Api Make a sad face, refuse your favorite piece of food and they'll do
anything for you
Api Never miss out on an opportunity to take on German shepherds - 
show them who is a robot and who is a real dog
Api Do sometimes what they ask you to do, make some heartbreaking
sounds when you see them and you are going to be the center of their

Api irski seter

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